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What’s all the buzzzzzzz about?!

What’s all the buzzzzzzz about?!

Over in the beautiful woods in Poughkeepsie, NY is a brewery that is all about local beer, bees, and big flavor. Imagine a farm stand on the side of the road selling fresh honey, now take that imagery and turn it into a brewery- that’s Plan Bee Farm Brewery.

Their beers are 100% NY! From the local grains and hops from their fields to the native yeast on their honeycomb, they use everything around them to brew their beer. Their goal is to be able to say, “I planted & processed everything in this beer personally.”



Light, funky, and full of spring vibes. This wild ale is made with dandelion flowers from their farm and 100% of their fall honey harvest. Split with your friend on the porch with a wheel of Willoughby and rye bread for dunking. 

Rose Hill

Big and juicy! Plan Bee does an annual collaboration with Rose Hill Farm, a biodynamic farm in Red Hook, NY. Brewed with Rose Hill’s strawberries and peaches - it’s like a burst of the best part of a fruit salad.

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