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the company

the company

Our mission of “Bringing great cheese and happiness to the people” all started with a love of storytelling and the art of a curated experience. 

Curds & Co. was a crazy dream founded by Jenn Mason and her husband Matt in 2017 as both a cheese shop and a startup. It became much more thanks to our fantastic customers and the community.

Our giant audacious goal at curds&co is to be the least intimidating cheese shop in the world! We’ve worked hard on our fancy schmancy signs in store so that you can easily pick out some delicious cheeses and some mind-blowing pairings so that you feel like a cheese genius when you walk out the door.

Our Mongers are vetted for a sense of humor, a love of cheese and customer service. They are the heart and soul of our business and you are in good hands when they are helping you.

We are all about cheese and things that pair with cheese and we believe there are no wrong answers and a million right ones when it comes to finding new favorites for you to try. Hop in for a visit. We can’t wait to meet you!


We have fun & we have values, too:

Be approachable
Be available and friendly

The Customer is the inspiration
Look to the customer to guide the inventory and interaction

To teach is to love
Storytelling is our greatest gift to our customers

Never be boring
Keep things fresh and be ready to pivot to mix it up

Cheese is cheese is cheese
Always be in the service of the farmer, the cheesemaker and the cheese enthusiast

Celebrate the Artist
In all forms the creative story must be shared

The experience is everything
And it starts from the very first moment. Make it exceptional

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