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let's get saucy

let's get saucy

Sauce is what makes the world go round, right? Here are some sauces we are absolutely loving right now. 

Scape Sauce

Are you someone who likes the idea of spicy things but…fears your eyes turning to faucets? Let us make the following introduction, then! Meet Butterfly Bakery’s Scape Sauce. There’s not a pepper in sight here, but there is a ton of fresh, springtime flavor. Instead of making sauce with peppers (which, by default, becomes spicy), they use garlic scapes - those curly green things that you get in your CSA which you never quite know what to do with. Since it's gorgeous out and we refuse to hear anything besides “it’s springtime, let’s go for a walk on the river”, we’re enjoying bright flavors every way we can. Pair a dab of this sauce with some lemon risotto, a wedge of Schallenberg Reserve, and a glass of white wine that’s so salty you can’t stop thinking ‘bout it. 


WE LOVE YOU Gochujang Chili Sauce

What’s gochujang taste like, you ask? If you love where sweet, spicy, and salty meet, you’ll love Gochujang’s profile. Make a spicy pickle-inspired soup and top with a splash or grate some Sapore del Piave on top and spread on a fresh scone.

Queen Majesty Jalapeño, Tequila, and Lime Hot Sauce

Bright as can be and refreshing! Made with fresh jalapeños, silver agave tequila, and lime juice. The secret to getting it so crisp and full of flavor? Green apples and whole garlic cloves. Now put a big dab of this on a hunk of Goat Cheddar and a glass of the limiest sauv blanc.

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