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Funky French Wine, it's about time

Funky French Wine, it's about time

Belly Wine Experiment
Go on a flavor journey... 
We love an awesome experiment. Everything was a glimmer in the distance at some point! Their first vintage was three years ago, and it gets better each time. Makers Claire and Aimé see wine as limitless in flavor and structure… like, they mix grapes with perry (pear cider) just because. “Belly Wines” is a big ol experiment that’s based in feeling *alive*, feeling one of a kind, bringing childhood whimsy into your adult everyday.  
La Pinya is a lil white bubble made of Xarello and Macabeu grapes. Both of these grapes you may be familiar with in some Spanish varieties. Resilient, fragrant, with a kiss of body, these grapes will transport you to a patio in France, eating a late lunch with a friend you’ve missed dearly.
La Voluta
A French mystery in a bottle!
Grape quality is the name of the game. La Voluta is all about the natural expression of yeast and grape. They follow no rules, they live by the idea that nature will do a better job than any winemaker can in intervening with the wine.
With flavors of bubblegum and cocktail cherries, Marama is a red dream in a bottle. Marama makes me want to eat a pizza in bed and watch a kinda-cringe rom-com from 2007.
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