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Our new obsession… KM39!

Our new obsession… KM39!

Craving something salty? Love parm but are looking to change it up? 

May we introduce this new wheel of KM39. We affectionately will call this cheese “Kim” when mongering, because let’s be real - she’s 100. Our last wheel was a tropical adventure: caramelized pineapple, salty guava, a lowkey fruit salad. But this one?! Peachy sourdough, through and through! Grate some over a lemon bar for a wild ride. 

What makes her so special? 

Coming from Galicia Spain,  KM39 is made with 100% pasture-fed Rubia Gallega (a breed native to Galicia) cow’s milk and aged for 18 months. A big ol’ wheel at that age is rare in this area of Spain! Now I am sure you are asking “where does the name KM39 even come from?” Well, let me tell you! KM39 is a true expression of the land and that starts with her name, named after kilometer marking along the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route that leads to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. 

               📸 Forever Cheese

Now you just need to grab a wedge, a jar of Brin’s Lemon Saffron Jam, and an Effie’s Oat Cake. :)

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