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Happy New Year to all our cheese-loving friends!
We hope 2023 closed with quality time spent with friends and
family—and hopefully a cheese board or two!
It’s hard to believe that we started this business seven
years ago on January 1, 2017. We always dreamed that curds&co would become
something bigger than the two of us. We hoped we could build a business that
would both bring joy to our town and continue into the future well beyond our
time at the helm.
Thanks to a series of interesting events that started with a
2021 trip with some of our cheesiest customers, we find ourselves lucky enough
to be living abroad as Italian residents. We are in the midst of renovating an abandoned casa that needs all our love and attention to save it from complete ruin (@ourplaceinsicily)
 After careful consideration, Matt and I feel it’s time for curds&co
to be adopted by a new guardian. curds&co continues to see growth in
the double digits, and we seem to have passed through the cheese store tweens
and teen years. We are a well olive-oiled machine now and our team is
continuing to thrive headed by our dynamic cheese duo Gillian and Marisa. Rest
assured that curds&co is in a good place and we have time to find
the perfect new owner.
The perfect new owner will look to continue the success of curds&co
in Brookline and will also bring their own ideas and strategy. Above all, a new
owner will be someone who loves bringing great cheese and happiness to the people.
If you are this person or know someone who may be interested,
please contact Bil Zarch ( or (617)694-1139) our wonderful business broker who is also a regular customer of curds&co and understands its place in our community.
We wish you all the very best in 2024 and beyond!
Jenn and Matt Mason
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